September 10, 2017 until April 8, 2018

In September, the Langen Foundation is opening a solo exhibition by the artist duo FORT, comprised of Jenny Kropp (*1978 in Frankfurt am Main) and Alberta Niemann (*1982 in Bremen). With their installations, videos and performances, FORT creates atmospheric stagings that evoke associations and stimulate the imagination of the exhibition visitors. The Berlin-based artists integrate into their spatial works everyday objects, conveying them into the exhibition space. These set pieces from reality are usually architectural elements from our urban environment, such a street lamps, display windows, or even an entire petrol station, as well as components from interiors like handrails or doors, which are meticulously reconstructed or used as readymades. However, trough subtle interventions FORT alters otherwise ordinary objects, making the familiar seem surreal and irritating. Form their exhibition at the Langen foundation, Fort is producing new series of works, developed especially for the exhibition setting of our museum, thus continuing to toy with our perception of reality.

© Jenny Kropp und Alberta Niemann