v. Chr. / B.C.

Ancient Sculptures and Objects from the Viktor and Marianne Langen Collection.

November 10, 2013 - March 23, 2014

The Viktor and Marianne Langen Collection not only encompasses 20th-century painting and Japanese art but also objects from numerous non-European cultures. With their wish to “extrapolate the world by means of art,” the collectors assembled over 130 examples of pre-Columbian art in addition to smaller convolutes of Chinese, Korean, African, Oceanic, Egyptian, classical Greek and ancient Persian art.

The exhibition gathers together for the first time a selection of circa 30 pre-Christian sculptures and objects. The oldest piece, a small votive figure dating from around 2800 B.C. comes from Persia. A archaic two-headed figure was produced in Japan during the Jōmon period (ca. 1500 B.C.) and an elegant bronze and alabaster Egyptian ibis dates from the time between 1552 – 1070 B.C. (New Kingdom, Eighteenth to Twentieth Dynasties). A stone head (Chavín culture, Peru, 800 B.C.) as well as a vessel decorated with painted hummingbirds (Nazca, Peru, ca. 50 B.C.) derive, for example, from various pre-Columbian civilizations.


Installation view v. Chr. / B.C., Langen Foundation, Neuss 2013

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